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Bonita Spotlight – Artist Fred Gowland

Fred Gowland_1

Fred Gowland

Artist Fred Gowland lives in a beautiful cottage overlooking the Pacific Ocean just up the street from our boutique in Summerland, CA.

 A prolific painter, Fred can be found painting into the late hours and early morning, his studio reverberating with Sufi Music or African beats…the result is an astonishing array of Oils, Watercolours and Sketches that find their way onto his canvas and papers. (From


Many of his painting inhabit and depict scenes from his extensive travels; Egyptian streets, Hindu temples, New England coasts, and luxuriant Pacific beaches peopled by Fred’s memories and inventions, by trees full of monkeys, by girls waiting for their escorts, by vendors plying their wares in markets and so much more.


We are over-the-moon to have the opportunity to showcase Fred’s work at Bonita in Summerland through September 2013. Here are a few of his brilliant, painterly works currently adorning our walls.


All of these paintings are for sale, so be sure to swing by the store or give us a ring to find more information surrounding dimensions and prices!


 Oh, and we’re not the only one’s around who love Fred’s work; screenwriter, author, blogger and writer Tracey Jackson posted a great blog about Fred, chock full of fantastic pictures of his house and studio. Click here to see it!  Also, here’s another link to a fabulous KCET writeup on Fred’s work.

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