Spring’s “It” Color: Pistachio

Mint Spring

Mint, sea foam green, pistachio, whatever you prefer to call it this is the color to be wearing for Spring. It pairs well with other soft pastel colors and gives you a refreshing pop of something different. Wear this color with a brighter shade of green, a coral, blush or a plum. If you absolutely love it wear it head to toe!

mint 5

mint 4

mint 2

mint 3

mint 6

We’re fully stocked with this trendy color, stop by Bonita to try it on!

3 thoughts on “Spring’s “It” Color: Pistachio

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  3. Cool new additions to your cooobokk collection- yay for American cooking! Wait, did I just say that?! Well, yay for home-made tortillas!Now, you’ve got me interested in those German vegan cooobokks Oh, and I love chipotle. The first time I tried it, about 3 years ago, I hated the flavor. But then, I became obsessed and now use it all the time.

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